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Day Camp

First Day of Camp is FREE

Day Camp is a safe environment for your pup to come socialize, play, have fun and make friends. 

We have a large indoor gym for those cold, rainy, snowy Michigan days. 

We have a larger outdoor fenced in yard that allows the dogs to run, play, get their energy out in a supervised environment or nap in the shade if they want. 

First day is free! We set up an eval day with new clients Monday - Friday. Dog must be here a full day on eval day. Most dogs are nervous in the am but find friends and play by the afternoon. We open as early as 6:30am and request evals be here by 8:30am the latest to get familiar with staff and the building prior to starting camp. Evals are the first dogs out to meet staff and sniff around, we let a calm dog out first, medium energy dog out second and a high energy dog last. If eval dog does well with all 3 then we start to slowly let all group dogs out. 

Monday - Friday we offer 1/2 day and full day camp

Saturday and Sunday we only offer 1/2 day camp

We offer 1/2 day and full day options

First day is FREE! 

1/2 day price is $25

Full day price is $35

Check out our camp & train if your pup might need a little help while here.

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